In this section we will always try to offer something new or special. As our coins and medals have become an integral part of some of your life events, such as weddings, various anniversaries or sporting events… We offer the opportunity to immortalize your moments into a commemorative coin and thus preserve your memory indelibly.


Obdarujte své blízké, rodinu nebo firemní partnery mincí v dárkové kartě. Na druhou stranu mince je možné vyrazit vlastní motiv anebo gravírovat text .

Wedding packages

Wedding coins are becoming a sought-after item and an indispensable part of every wedding. You can gift them to fiancés, their parents and witnesses and companions. And, last but not least, keep your memory of an unforgettable wedding day in your coin for all wedding guests. 
They can serve as a wedding gift or attention to the wedding. We offer them in common and precious metals.

Coin vending machines

The wall-mounted coin vending machine is mechanical, i.e. without the need for electricity, with a variable coin diameter setting. The advantage is the all-metal anti-vandal construction. It's casing can be custom decorated. Its dimensions are 22 x 81 x 20 cm. We offer this as sales support to clients with certain purchases. 

Universal minting

We offer not only coins and medals, but also universal coins. These are intended for various occasions such as anniversaries, jubilee, weddings, baptisms, birthdays and / or awards for the performance of a sporting event. There is no need to invest in coin-dies or creating a new graphics, because we already have them ready for you, you just have to choose.