Inquiry form

Send us a non-binding inquiry form, we will gladly answer your questions.

If you are unsure about the order, you will find information, on how to fill out the form, below. If you need an advice on anything, give us a call.

Order preparation procedure:

  1. We need you to provide us with a graphics design or simple drawing or photo or description of your idea.
  2. From the graphic assignment, we prepare a graphic design (or more designs, that you can choose from) and send them by e-mail back to the customer for the initial corrections. After processing the comments and selecting the motif, the final graphic design is sent for approval.
  3. After this follows production of a coin-die with a motif. During double-sided minting, two coin-dies are produced
  4. We mint the agreed number of pieces - or we make other products from minted pieces (pendants, tags, metals…).
  5. Surface finishing (if ordered).
  6. We pack minted products into packaging of your choice.
  7. Shipping to customers throughout the EU via Česká Pošta transport company.

If necessary, we are able to fulfill your binding order within 10 days.

We are also ready for piece production at individual request. Other requests for dimensions and finishes are handled in person.

Due to the relatively low purchase price compared to the price of gold and a very nice appearance, silver coins (e.g. stored in nice etui) are suitable as gifts for various occasions, which today everyone can afford to buy and give to their loved ones or themselves and at the same time preserve the value of money for the future. The ratio of the price of gold and silver is one of the highest in history, and therefore it is very likely that this ratio will decrease and thus the price of silver will rise.

What can be the graphics format?

Vector graphics or high-resolution bitmap images are ideal.

We accept .ai, .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tiff and other common files.

If your company has a graphic manual, please send it to our e-mail.

Examples of usage of custom medallion stampings according to your own theme:

  • Town and village anniversaries
  • citizens
  • current important events in state administration
  • valuable commemoration of a significant company anniversary (the medal may include the logo of the company)
  • valuable gift to business partners, customers
  • unforgettable thanks to deserving colleagues
  • personal significant anniversaries for the company management itself
  • … And many others…